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This is a database hosting site operated by Kobu.Com.

If you are in a hurry, start with the following link:

Following this link allows you to setup and use a database in three steps: account registration, table creation and table access.

Before doing so, however, it is recommended to take some time to get familiar with the database hosting:

If you have questions or experience troubles:

About Database Hosting

The database hosting service runs under a Kobu.Com's web server (Apache) and allows you to enter and view data in a database (SQLite) via web. The user of the service can design and create his/her own data table. The data entry and viewing page (in Markdown) is automatically generated. No programming is required. This is the free service.

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In a few weeks, a paid semi-custom service will be open that provides advanced features such as customizing the data entry and viewing page.

What You can do with Database

With a hosted database, you can:

For example:


First about roles related to database hosting:

Frequently used words:

Types of Database Hosting Services

[Under Construction]

There are three types of database hosting services:

Free service

Semi-custom service


In addition to what you can with the free service,

Full-custom service

Technical Information

See the following page for technologies used to build database hosting.

Written 2020-Jul-17
Published 2020-Aug-23
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